So, we recently got chatting with The Captain’s Beard.  You may have seen our previous posts of their live streams with Felix.  I accidentally came across them one evening and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  Not only is Felix rather handy with an Accordian, but he can do more than a few things with a guitar too!  


Felix has been playing music for around 18 years now, and writing his own stuff for about 13.  Unlike most Pirates, he doesn’t like to overdo the booze when playing music but as with most people a drink can help calm the nerves during shows.  If you get the chance to buy him a drink, he’d like a Guiness or “some wanky craft beer” please.


I know the current situation has killed work for a lot of musicians, and The Captain’s Beard weren’t an exception.  They have had to cancel many live gigs including pubs, festivals and weddings but you can still catch up with Felix on Facebook Live, Friday at 9pm.


We asked Felix whether he had a message for any potential fans, groupies or stalkers (?) and he gracefully replied with - “If you like Pirates and songs about getting delightfully fuckfaced then we’re your band!”


Look out for a video interview coming soon!  If you’re looking for more information or tunes from The Captain’s Beard, you can find them on Spotify and at the following links:

Instagram: @beardigram

Are you in a band that is trying to spread your sounds?  Feel free to email us at

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