I’m sure a lot people would agree when I say that the world can sometimes be a very dark place, which is why it is so refreshing to see people trying to bring more colour to the world!  I recently, whilst doing the daily scrolling through the faceybooktwit, came across the picture of the stunning guitar body in these pictures.  It’s not very often that something on social media makes me stop and go “wow!”, so I decided to reach out and find out more about the talented person who created it.


It turns out that this is another talent that was discovered due to the lockdown - it’s so nice to hear of positive things coming out of this crazy situation we’re all in!  Vallory is her name and is all the way from New Orleans in the good old USA.  You may know New Orleans for its world renowned street parties like Mardi Gras, distinct music and cuisine, and names such as Louis Armstrong and Earl King.


As well as creating beautiful pieces such as these, Vallory is working right on the front line during this pandemic as a Surgical Assistant/Infection Control Officer.  It’s quite understandable that after a tough day in a hospital she would want to somehow escape reality and get lost in her art.  


Vallory was kind enough to answer a few questions so we can get to know her a little better:


  • Have you always been artistic, or would you say the lockdown pursuaded you to try new things?


Even though both my parents are artists, I never considered myself an artist as in my mind I believed that an artist should paint and all I ever did was draw.  When I was younger my Mum used to brag that I was infact an artist too.  I would quickly protest and say “I’m not an artist - I just like to doodle here and there!”.


When I was in the 8th grade I failed my hearing test and colour blind test all in the same day.  My Mum told me that she knew there was something different about my comprehension of colour from a very young age because some of my colours would be a little off in my drawings, but she also said that is what made my work so special.  I was never diagnosed as colour blind but I definately failed the test.


My parents were both Hippies, and I actually developed my abstract style by around the age of 13.  I brought home my paper wrapped books one day that had my artwork all over them.  The next day my parents sat me down and asked if I had taken anything, or if I was on drugs.  I said no and that was that.  They believed me but I guess they just had to ask.


  • Where did you find the inspiration for your amazing work?


I get my inspiration from my emotions, which are usually triggered by awesome jams.  I go downstairs, turn on some Bob Marley, Tom Petty or Guns of Seneca and just let the music flow from my hands.  The guitar was actually for my Brother who is the lead guitarist in Guns of Seneca - he was the one who asked for the Shrooms on the guitar, which goes perfectly with their psychedelic sounds.


  • What is your favourite thing about New Orleans?


My favourite thing about New Orleans is that my Husband is here.  I grew up in a small country town called Raceland, LA; about an hour South West of New Orleans.  My best friend and all my family are still there, and it’s one of those places where everybody knew me by the nickname given to me at birth by my big Brother - “Chicky Baby” (it’s just Chickie now).  Here in New Orleans I only have my family but my Husband works a lot and my son is at school daily (or was).  So I guess I got to know myself a bit more from being here and alone all the time…  I found out that I am indeed an Artist so that’s cool!  I also love the food and small hole in the wall (‘Mom and Pop’) restaurants in New Orleans.


  • Would you say that New Orleans is an artistic place?


I would definately say that New Orleans is an artistic place, although I am not too sure that people around here appreciate my kind of art.  The art has definately made it much more tolerable being here, and people keep telling me that New Orleans is the right place to promote my talent.  I guess I just don’t know how but I am getting there!

As well as the beautiful pieces in this article you can also buy prints of her unique, abstract artwork in the Art & Other Treasure section of our shop.

Are you an Artist, or do you have another special talent that you would like to share with the world?  Feel free to drop us an e-mail - news@funkedinthehead.com  

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