I woke up on Saturday to see the news that yet another brother has passed; not from the dreaded Covid but nevertheless it’s always sad to hear, especially when it wasn’t too long ago that we spoke. I’ll admit he wasn’t somebody who I knew as well as others but it’s still somebody I knew, and it only seems like yesterday that I heard of another couple of people from the same circle also leaving us. On a positive note - at least they’re not locked down…


I understand that everybody has their own opinion when it comes to this Covid/Lockdown situation, but I cannot help but think that a lot of the deaths will be caused by the ripple effect of everything that has happened in the past few months; people who before, for whatever personal reasons, felt things couldn’t get any worse in life were all of a sudden proven wrong. Do things like that not lead you to believe that the current system might be broken?


We all know that ‘mental health’ has been a big big topic in recent years. I myself, still to this day have my own issues that I deal with although I have managed to keep everything relatively under control more recently. Other people aren’t so lucky, and something like the whole world suddenly shutting down might lead to them looking for a little extra something to deal with the added pressures that seem to have dropped out of the sky and flattened them… many times in the society we live in that little something is a drink. It sometimes seems as if it’s what we are taught to do!


You only have to look at the TV/film (that’s ‘movie’ for any American’s reading this) world to see this in action; if the person is celebrating, out comes the champagne… Depressed? Out comes the bottle of whiskey. It’s nearly as if somebody is showing us this on purpose don’t you think? So think about this, the system we live in is created to work you to the bone for a pittance - even if you do manage to make any sort of decent living, the government wants a good chunk of it to pay for their second homes and £300 breakfasts. Then after just about scraping by in life, spanners are thrown into the works out of nowhere - the hurdles in life everybody speaks of. “I’ll just do what them on the telly keep telling me to do and get completely plonkered!”. They tell us that it is so bad for us (which it is!) yet alcohol is everywhere… and it’s completely legal!


Although at one time in my life I might (there's actually no might about it) have drowned my sorrows or swallowed some funny substance as a coping mechanism to some of my personal issues, I have since found that replacing the destructive coping mechanisms for something positive and even creative can really help your mental state. Personally, my (fairly) new addiction is guitar - something I had thought about learning for years but was too lost in the spiral of drinking (and what comes with that sort of life). I am by no means saying I am anywhere near perfect at all, but it is possible to break out of the cycle… you just have to want to enough.


I’m going to cut this one here before I start waffling too much, but I guess what I am trying to say is if you have found yourself in a bit of a dark place and are reading this you’re not alone (especially at the moment!). Talking does help and organisations like The Samaritans (samaritans.org) are trained to help in the darkest times, and will even keep it anonymous if this is what would make you feel better.


I’m not going to name any names because I would hate to leave anyone out, but I do think of every one of my friends and family that have been lost… RIP to the people that I and anybody reading this may have lost.  Think of the positives - at least they are now free!


If you can relate to anything mentioned in this article, please do reach out to us at news@funkedinthehead.com and we’ll do our best to bring you some positivity.


Peace x

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