You may have seen an article we published about a very talented Artist in New Orleans called Vallory. If you haven't, you can find the article HERE. Initially it was a beautiful, very colourful and unique guitar that I had spotted whilst browsing one day, but she has since produced some other excellent pieces - you can even buy some of her prints in the Funked in the Head online store!


Well it turns out that this creative talent runs in the family - I was since introduced to her brother David who is in a band called Guns of the Seneca who have produced some very psychedelic sounds. After having a listen I thought it would only be fair to have a quick chat and find out a bit more about them so your ears can enjoy them too.


  • So firstly, please would you let us know a little about you, your backgrounds and where you are all from?


So there’s myself on lead guitar/vocals, Grant on bass and Britton on the drums. I spent a stint of my childhood in Florida and Britton was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. But we’re all from Southern Louisiana - “The Dirty South”… “The Bottom of the Boot”. It’s different; we got Gators crawling up in our yard bruh! So, you could say that our background involves a lot of eating mudbugs and wrestling gators so they don’t eat the kiddy mudbugs.


  • When did you form The Guns of the Seneca, and how would you describe the music you play?

Grant and I were previously in a progressive/thrash/punk group called ‘Walk Through Walls’ - we also gained some national acclaim, and frequently toured the country opening for the likes of ‘Mock Orange’ and ‘Sparta’. After this band broke up, I kept jamming with Grant to keep our chemistry strong. We went through several jams with several drummers but no one really stuck. Finally, in late 2007 Britton was recommended to us as he was the cousin of one of those drummers. He was still in high school but we saw the potential and the creative chemistry was instantly magical. We wrote a few songs, played our first gig a few months later and our three-piece line up was set.


We all have very different musical influences and interests, but with just enough overlap to make things work. Our music could be labelled as something like ‘mostly-instrumental-progressive-indie-rock’ but we would much prefer others to describe our sound, as we just create what comes to mind with no intention other than to make the best music we can that we all enjoy.


  • I heard that you toured Europe - where did you gig? How did you find Europe and where was your favourite place? Would you come again (if ‘the powers that be’ allow)?


Britton was in grad school in the UK at the time doing a Masters in Philosophy with your late, great philosophical countryman Sir Roger Scruton. We saw that as a good opportunity to spread our sonic madness onto some new territory. We set up a mini UK tour with dates at the Troubadour in West London, The Dublin Castle in Camden and at The Old England in Bristol. We had a fourth set up in Liverpool as well but unfortunately that one got cancelled at the last minute. We took great things from each of those venues that we played, as well as the towns they were situated in. We were super impressed with the history, style of management and the overall energy from them. It was an incredible experience travelling and playing on another continent.


The UK had been good to us online well before we set up that tour. Proportional to overall population, we actually have more UK fans than US, thanks in part to Wig-Wam, the awesome UK based online radio station that awarded our song “Largo Parenchyma” Best UK Single of 2017 out of 40k submissions. We would love to return to the UK and explore the rest of Europe - to those same venues/towns, plus many more. Insofar as life will allow!


  • Do you also have a daytime job?

Yes, and to elaborate on the question above, that is one of the reasons we haven’t done as much touring as we would have liked. I am a bonafide man-nurse, and I even contracted Coronavirus myself in order to save thousands of lives! Grant manages and is part owner of a steel supply company - both Grant and I have a wife and two kids each. Britton does something or other in the aftermath of his British graduate education; we still aren’t entirely sure what apart from spreading his seed in all corners of the universe, but he currently lives about 1000 miles from us so finishing our second full-length album has been a long process which is still in the works. I guess wrestling gators isn’t his thing!


  • Where can our readers find your music and more information?


Our music can be found on all of the streaming platforms - Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora (which we understand hasn’t reached the UK yet) etc. We are also active on Facebook and Instagram - @gunsoftheseneca.


Guns of Seneca, it has been an absolute pleasure talking to you - keep us posted on your second album and we hope to see you in the UK again soon! 

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Monday 07th September 2020

Awesome band! They rock the show

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