Born in Burnley, Lancashire, Gray has always enjoyed the written word but it was a return to education in his mid-thirties for teacher training at Sheffield Hallam University that got him writing poems, plays and the start of a much so that he didn't want to do teaching. He became a postman and took on the editorship of Spitting Feathers, a football fanzine at his favourite football club, Sheffield Wednesday.

At the age of fifty, Gray and his wife, Wendy, decided to move away from city life in Sheffield and headed for Cornwall for an altogether quieter life. Gray, the son of a Cornishman, had always wanted to return to where he spent his childhood holidays at his grandmother's house. Taking a year out to finish his first novel, The Malthouse Falcon, a comic fantasy about a detective in the alternative world where all the elves, goblins and dwarves escaped to when our world became to much for them, Gray needed to find a job.  


Struggling to find work, he tried out as a bus driver and never looked back. It was driving the buses all around the Cornish landscape that inspired him to start writing again with poems that both celebrated and poked fun at all the amazing things he saw from his cab. His first book of poetry/anecdotes A VIEW FROM A CAB has now sold over 400 copies and is still selling. Gray is now performing his poetry at local theatres and festivals...and has completed BIGG'S LEAP, a second Humphrey Boggart novel.


All the following of Gray's books are available on Amazon


A VIEW FROM A CAB (the poetry and musing of a bus driver in Cornwall) paperback £8.99 and as an ebook at £1.99


THE MALTHOUSE FALCON (the first Humprhey Boggart novel) paperback £8.99 e-book £1.99 


BIGG'S LEAP (a second Humphrey Boggart novel) paperback £9.99 e-book £0.99

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