One of the perks of being involved in the music/art world is that we get to speak with some very interesting and creative people from all over the world. Once such person who recently reached out to us is called Jesús Pinella from Madrid in sunny Spain.

After many years playing different kinds of music in many different groups, Jesús decided to start a personal studio project where any reason, idea or style is welcome. In 2011 Universal Theory was born. Universal Theory is based on one idea - the pleasure of searching. There is a mix of different atmospheres and styles. 

He took inspiration from the emotions of life; each track tells you a story, describes a thought, a desire, a fantasy… a personal experience in life, which he tries to transmit through his music. He describes his style as mainly atmospheric, gothic rock and metal but you can also find hints of other genres. How would you describe it?

Unlike many other bands/artists that we have spoken to, Universal Theory (luckily for them) hasn’t been affected too much by the current world situation as it is still mainly a studio project. You can find their music on the various platforms, which I will list below. If I had to compare their style of music to anyone you may know, I would say the first group to spring to mind would be Evanescence. Either way, I like it and I’m sure many others will. Please let us know your thoughts.

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