Graffiti - it can either be the bane of your life, or something beautiful to look at. I suppose it all depends on the artist (or idiot?) who does it. You see a lot of messy ‘tagging’ all over the world that really wouldn’t look out of place in a bin - my 5 year old could do a better job with her eyes closed. Thankfully for our eyes, some people actually take time and care with what they do. In Germany for instance, where I spent a lot of my youth, some of the artwork I used to see on the side of trains used to amaze me… even if the artist didn’t have permission it certainly didn’t look out of place, and some would say it even improved the carriages!


Lively Stylez is thankfully one of the artists who brightens up the world with what he does. He comes from Sussex on the south coast of England and has been lucky enough to (legally) have some of his work around places such as Brighton, and even featured in the local newspaper!


The latest piece of artwork to hit Funked in the Head is one of Lively Stylez’ earliest pieces called “Spaces”. If you look closely you may be able to see that it is an awful lot of ‘spaces’ crammed into a space. When we asked him what inspired him to do this work he replied,


The image was inspired by a piece done during my time at art college meant to teach us perspective. It was of a blue box with a red/orange/yellow head within. It made me think of the space around the head and how many "spaces" I could fit into a box. So I decided to experiment and see how many I could fit on a sheet of A4.


You have to love the way artist’s heads work!


He also took part in a “Graffiti Jam” featured by The Argus newspaper in Brighton. Graffiti artists from the area were invited by the managers of the 8-storey New England House to brighten up the drab looking building. The managers of the building agreed to the event on the condition that no letters were sprayed on the building - only characters and patterns. You can see a picture of the mural below - Lively Stylez opted for plenty of colour, and knowing how dull that particular area looked beforehand I can definitely say it was an improvement!


Prints of “Spaces” are currently available on posters, canvas and even mugs at, but keep an eye out for new tshirt designs coming soon.

If you’re looking to get your artwork seen please feel free to DM or drop us an email at

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