It doesn’t matter where you are from in the world or what language you speak, music is an international language that breaks all borders and boundaries. The powers that be may want to keep us divided but as it turns out we are all so similar and worry about the same things. For instance, a track from one of the fantastic bands that reached out to us recently is called todas las guerras son de los malditos banqueros”, which roughly translates to “All Wars Are from the Damn Bankers” - wherever you may be in the world I think most people would agree with that!

Calavera Thrash was formed in 2012 in the province of San Juan - more precisely, the city of Caucete. The band was founded by Julio Rosales (guitar/vocals) and Andres Pereyra (drums), with daniel joining a few few months later on bass. They are bringing some heavy sounds to the world with some pretty important messages!

They developed their first album in 2013 called “Total Panic, New World Order”, which was independently released in 2014, and then was subsequently taken on by some record labels. In the same year, they also produced their first music video called “Desert Massacre”. They were then busy performing in venues all over Argentina in places such as San Juan, Mendoza, San Luis and Buenos Aires. A little later they recorded their DVD “Pánico en Buenos Aires” (Panic in Buenos Aires), which touched on similar themes to their first album.

In 2017 Andres Pereyra was replaced by German Sarmiento on the drums, and they played in venues in San Juan and Mendoza before having a break. They then released their single “Demacrisis”, which was to show their rejection of emptiness caused in Argentina by the government and people in power.

Now we’re in 2020 and Calavara Thrash is now very much established in Buenos Aires, although once again has slightly changed its formation having replaced their bassist with Juan Stracam. In June of 2020 they released their second album called “Asesinato Masivo” (Mass Murder) - an EP with 4 themes. They are also already working on their next project!

If you would like to find out more about Calavera Thrash, you can find them on the following socials:

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