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Are there any interesting stories you can tell us about your careers in the music industry?

STEVE:  Walking the streets at 16,17,18, learning our trade, writing songs in the cold with fingerless gloves,10 Embassy, sat in empty railway stations, using the acoustics, being chased out of a field we were writing in by a
horse. It's been and still is a blast.

CRAIG: Yeah, sometimes the railway guy would put a heater on for us. Canal bridges were good too. Quite dry. Cigarettes, a pen, paper, a guitar and cider - it was a cheap and great way to practice. No parents moaning and little huddles of fans. We jammed with Steve Craddock when we were 17, we lived in the same square mile but nothing came off it either way. We'll talk about that another time. We also did a show for three nights at Birmingham Rep Theatre having penned a couple of songs for a show when we were 17. 

Where can people find you?




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Lastly, any kind words that you would like to add?

Can we shout out and thank people who have been and some still are part of the AD team Rich- artwork Guru, Esty, Russ, Lewis. Dave, Kirk, Bunny and Ian. 

A huge Thank you to both of you for talking the time to talk to us! Hopefully, we will catch up again soon.

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