Feed Your Wolves is an amazing solo project by Andy Davidson. We have had the pleasure of talking to the talented Andy who was happy to answer a few questions for us! 

So, Why don't we start with a nice easy question... Would you like to introduce yourself?

My name is Andy Davidson, I'm 35 years old and from Teesside. 'Feed Your Wolves' is my first solo project which is something I've wanted to do since first starting out in the world of music. To be able to write, record, produce, design my own music, merchandise & website has been a life long ambition and you reach a point when you don't know why you still have not done it. Well now is the time. 


When did your passion in music begin? And how did you decide to pursue this passion?


I took to music instantly from as young as 4 years old when I got my first drum for my birthday. It progressed to keyboard and guitar using my uncles instruments when I paid them a visit. When you hear something, which at the time seems impossible to replicate, but somehow you manage it after much practice, you get the bug and all you want to do is do more. Before YouTube, before common access to the internet, before a very saturated music scene, completing music challenges was always the goal, and that evolved into creating my own. Honestly, there is no feeling like it in the world. Any musician will tell you. 



Feed Your Wolves is an interesting name... Is there a story behind it? 


The name 'Feed Your Wolves' was taken from a very apt saying I discovered. Originally taken from a old Cherokee Quote...


"There are two wolves always fighting inside me. One is filled with anger, hate, jealousy, shame and lies. The other wolf is filled with love, joy, truth and peace. The battle rages inside of you and everyone. Which wolf will win?

The one you feed."


For our readers, how would you describe your music?


Always a tough question, but I would describe it as acoustic inspired indie rock. A mix of acoustic tracks, Rock with a more alternative feel and indie rock. I intend to add an intro track to every album or EP release which will be more experimental and ambient. 



Sounds interesting! Are there any major influences you have had from other musicians/bands?


I have been Influenced by many artists including Bon Iver, Taking Back Sunday, Death Cab for Cutie, Coldplay, Kings of Leon etc but also influenced by music I've listened to growing up with the likes of Phil Collins, Mike & the Mechanics. I love to listen to such a broad spectrum of music from classical, Jazz, John Williams Definitive collection (which I have on repeat in my car), acoustic, lounge, indie, and I think as a collective, they all have an influence on us one way or another. 



Is songwriting something that has come naturally to you? And where do you get your inspiration for writing?


Songwriting is a passion, sometimes it comes very easy, and sometimes I have to work on it but the key is to enjoy the process. My writing inspiration comes from events in my life. I am not one to talk to people about things, especially things that are hard to talk about, but I find my way of sharing it with anyone who cares to listen through my music. It really is therapy. 


Are there any fun facts you can tell us about yourself?


Geek Alert!!!! 

Fun fact 1: I solved a Rubik's Cube in 13.4 Seconds.

Fun fact 2: I held the Guinness world record for fastest fingers on an iPad typing the alphabet backwards in 2.3 seconds.

Fun fact 3: whilst living in New York City, I ran out of money and slept on the Subway just off Bleecker street for a short while. Life experience points: 7000.



I must say, I am rather impressed! I hear that you have a new EP coming out later this year... can you tell us about it?


I am releasing my first EP later this year, perhaps early December. It's titled 'Hurricane' and features 6 tracks including an intro. Spoiler alert, here is the track listing! 


1. Don't Leave Me (Intro)

2. Hurricane

3. I've Been Waiting For You

4. Stars

5. Let Me Breathe (Title TBC)

6. Failed/Answers (Title TBC)



Finally, Where can people find you? (all social media links, websites etc)


You can find Feed Your Wolves official website for music, links, merch store, news, and general info.



Facebook: /feedyourwolves

Instagram: /feedyourwolves

Twitter: /feedyourwolves


Search Feed Your Wolves on Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify. 


We would like to thank you for taking the time to talk to us! And we look forward to the release of your first EP!

As always, if you would like to feature on our website please get in touch at info@funkedinthehead.com

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