We have been lucky enough to talk to the amazing and very interesting Dr. C from Mystic Moderna! She was kind enough to answer some questions for us...


How about we start with an Introduction and a bit of background about yourself. 

Sure! I am Dr. C from Mystic Moderna. Before I dig into the details, let me take a moment to thank you so much for this opportunity. This is like a dream come true to be able to share myself in this way with the world!

A long time ago, I was a successful but boring neuroscientist and executive for a late stage educational start up. I realized that I had created a life that was all about work and running the rat race. I was burned out and kind of robotic in how I approached the world. Wake up, do this, run to that, don't be late, and work non
-stop until you drop. 

It was when I went to HIVE and Mind Valley's A-Fest conferences (within 3 months of each other) that fast tracked my journey. The topics were all about finding your place in the world, connecting to a bigger sense of value, and learning how to manifest to make your dreams come true. But before I could do this successfully, I had to closely examine myself and the life that I had created. 

That is when I began connecting with my authentic self who was yearning for greater satisfaction and longing to connect more deeply with others. I was already having a spiritual awakening and these events led me to realize the disparity in how I was living my life versus the part of me that was longing to be free. Very quickly, I took a personal sabbatical from work and began travelling the world to focus on shifting my life. To my long time friends and family, it probably looked like a major identity crisis but I like to call it coming out as my authentic self!


That is quite a leap, but I think a lot of people can relate to that need or yearning for something more in life. So, When and how was Mystic Moderna created?

I created Mystic Moderna in early 2020 during quarantine in Costa Rica. Previously, I had moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career but after a month or two I got "the call" to leave the United States. Being a digital nomad gives me the freedom and flexibility to be spontaneous like this, and I never thought I would be setting up a new destiny for myself in this way. I had been planning on visiting Costa Rica for a creative retreat and self love journey, but didn't know exactly when. 

One night in Echo Park, after walking back from attending an open mic, I somehow knew that it was time to go. This is usually the beginning of serendipity as if your intuition knows more than your conscious mind. I looked at the price of tickets and found that I could fly out the next morning for an absurdly low price. It felt like a momentous decision as though I would be consciously choosing a different life. COVID-19 was not really in the news then except in a few parts of the world where it seemed mild. Little did I know, I would get "stuck" in paradise, and I am so relieved that I did. The creative energy in Costa Rica is amazing and the songs just flowed from me. Within 2 months, I had my first album, "Iridium Nexus" completed. I have also started working on my second album which will include lyrics and mystical references. 


It's like it all fell into place for you, which brings me onto my next question... Are you a real Mystic?

This is probably my favorite question! Haha! 

The short answer is yes. But the longer answer is more complicated. This gets to one of my favourite enlightenment topics which is the concept of how language is a great unifier but also a great divider if we aren't careful. 

For example, "Real Mystic" naturally implies the presence of fake mystics, which I personally do not believe in. But it is a valid question as it opens up interesting elements of my work as an artist. Did I just pick a cool word or do I identify as a mystic? 

I am definitely real and I am definitely a mystic. But would you see me this way if you saw me on the street? It depends. 

Many people in my life see me as mystical, magical, and even as a spiritual mentor. Yet there are others who do not see me this way at all. Either their eyes are closed to it, or our interaction does not elicit this from me if we are interacting in a mundane way. So it seems to depend on the observer's perception and our collective use of language to encapsulate these concepts. 

What does being a mystic mean to me? 

Well, I spend at least half the day in meditation, if not more. This is how I do the majority of my "mystic practice" where I work on the astral plane or in other places across the time space continuum. It is similar to a virtual remote work place where other collective keepers, shamans, mystics, and light workers gather to collaborate on how to help the collective. During times of societal stress, this can be a non-stop job where we coordinate things like healing, laying ascensional gridwork, or intelligent design type of strategic planning. Sadly, at the time of this writing, we don't yet get paid or even acknowledged for this work. This is also where I contribute some of my research on consciousness and strategic plans to facilitate an afterlife experience design and help refine the process of interdimensional travel.


I agree, the language we use is very important, and just to clarify, I was curious as to whether you just chose that name because it sounded ‘cool’, which it does by the way! I've been having a look around your Patreon and social media... Can you explain 'Quantum Music' for our readers (and me of course!)?

Thank you for asking! I love this question too. As a mystic, I have access to different planes of existence and levels of information. Here in the material world, my role is to be a conduit, passing information through my teachings and creative works while generating positive, fun, or healing vibes. Because of my work in the immaterial planes, I am able to leave breadcrumbs, puzzles, and clues across the time space continuum to help people connect the dots when they start to awaken spiritually or expand their consciousness. 

Quantum music is for a particular group of people that will be shifting into new planes of existence, or "ascending" as those in the metaphysical community call it. 

In particular, there is a futuristic and technologically advanced quantum society with heightened levels of consciousness, ethics, and other cool features. You can observe this in the news if you are in a society that is collectively on the quantum ascension path. 

In the immaterial planes, we recently went through a "quantum upgrade" in preparation to bring this into the material planes. The backbone of the quantum society is built on quantum computers rather than binary systems but it is so much more than that too. What is fascinating is how the human mindset and tolerance for ambiguity will shift accordingly, as though consciousness is also expanded in this society. 

For example, people coming from a binary system society will often have entrenched "go or no go", "right or wrong", "light or dark", "heaven or hell", mentalities that can be represented like binary (0 or 1). Because I come from a binary society, I had to do a great deal of personal work to transcend this innate dualism. It is as though our society is a reflection of our creative ability and consciousness level. We previously made machines that reflected dualism, linearity, and simplicity because that was the summation of the tools, education, and capabilities, that we had at that time. Because we have grown beyond this, our creations also evolve in accordance. Those who are not interested in expansion reflect an inability or intolerance to this sort of change. That is the purpose of ascension and dimensional shifting to help people stay or go where they will most readily thrive. In my opinion, the corona virus is a natural evolutionary mechanism that is catalyzing these changes on a large scale. 

Those destined to or coming from a quantum world show more tolerance for ambiguity, multiple possibilities, and shades of grey. In their personal lives they demonstrate enhanced cognitive flexibility and a divergent thinking style rather than a rigid, inflexible, convergent thinking style. 

While a person is shifting dimensions, it can be very unnerving because the physical world literally shifts. There are mechanical and electrical disruptions, lagging or pulling of vehicles if you are driving, and people or things popping out of nowhere. Normal music will also skip, lag, or jump in unsettling ways. Quantum music has multiple beat layers and a certain flow that can handle these disruptions if not even be enhanced by them. 

When there is even a several hundred millisecond break of continuity, the mind does not handle this well. The human brain is wired to grasp onto an anchor in the absence of continuity. Without an anchor, the perceptual system triggers a physiological fear response that seems to result in a "snap back" reflex. This reflex is automatic and outside of a person's conscious control. The snap back seems to pull a person back to their baseline narrative of reality which is why our mindsets and explanations of events is so critical to be aware of which is what the expansion in consciousness is about. This reflex pull-back can also be triggered when the disparity between what is expected and what is experienced is too great. This is why the ascension path is on a gradient. 

However, sometimes we lose dimensions and the shift isn't smooth, or we make a quantum leap into a parallel universe that has evolved far beyond (or lagged behind in some cases) than the one we are coming from. Quantum style music provides an anchoring mechanism for the sensory system to hold onto while interdimensionally shifting. Not all of my listeners will know this or intend on this, but those who do, will appreciate it even more because it can provide a thread of continuity to help the shifting process. 


That is pretty impressive stuff! So,Where do you find the inspiration to create your music?

Much of my inspiration comes from my mystic practice, consciousness research, and desire for authentic self expression. For example, I have a book of poetry and prose describing some of the experiences I've had in alter-worlds, particularly after a death experience while travelling through Bardos. My second album will include some of these poems and concepts to help those who might be experiencing the same but struggling to synthesize the experience. 

My debut album, "Iridium Nexus" was inspired by my foray into ET territories while interdimensionally travelling in Death Valley National park. That was an amazingly cool and wild experience! The album is about transferring to another galaxy using advanced telecommunications and teleportation methods. The album walks through the initial upload and download of consciousness as well as the sorting, processing, and integration to another intergalactic co-hybrid society that is very selective. That's another society with great music and a wild cyber-punk night life scene!


With the importance of music in your mystic abilities, has it always been a big part of your life?

It has, but in a very technical and performance oriented way as I struggled with perfectionism for much of my life. My parents are amazing musicians and everyone in my nuclear family has musical talent. It was a lot to live up to, even though they were supportive and encouraging. As a child, I favoured acapella singing and was in a choir all of my youth. As an adult, I stopped singing and was kind of shy and inhibited. 

This is what I am working on from a personal level - dropping the perfectionism and just letting it flow. My future direction is definitely with vocals and I have been working with other musicians to help push myself even further. I am happy to say that I am no longer shy or inhibited when I sing and the expressivity has been flowing. :)


Is there any advice you could give to those starting out in the music industry? 


1) The music industry in 2020 is in flux. Don't take too much advice because it is all changing and much of it will shape your direction in the wrong ways. Instead, do what you love and what passionately engages you. 

2) If you aren't inspired or excited by your work, then no one else will be either. 

3) You do not need to wait until you have this or that fancy equipment. Does it help? Sure! But my first album was completely created from my cell phone. 

4) Don't listen to naysayers. If you don't have supportive people in your life, make new friends and find your fans. 

5) There are those in the music industry that are resisting change. It is as though we are still in the classical era and need orchestras and composers with scruffy white hair to make "real" music. Refer back to #1 and #4. 

6) It takes time to find your fans, especially if you are actually different or pushing genres. Be patient. Go global. Go indie. And be patient again. 


That is some great advice! Talking of starting out in music, I have seen that social media seems to be a great platform for independent artists. I must admit, I am not a huge fan of Social Media, but has it helped you in any way? And If so, How has it helped?

Haha, I understand! Social media is also not my forte! 

Twitter has been instrumental in helping my global reach. Within 3 months of my debut release, I had listeners in 28 countries. I'm not a fan of Facebook for reasons I can't articulate. Instagram is lovely for my personal creative expressions and reflections, but I use it more to express myself artistically in other ways (abstract imagery, poetry, prose, or magical moments I find in daily life). 


What do your songs represent? Are there meanings/reasons behind why you create them?

Every song I make has some personal value to me that I hope to share with you. My goal is to bring more positive vibes into the world so I focus on fun, creativity, imagination, and sharing the mystical parts of my life. Sometimes I make edgier and darker music, but that is really about being cathartic and sharing the shadow side of life (which is important too!). 


Do you have any projects lined up that we can keep an eye out for?

I always have so many projects going on! Definitely keep a look out for my second album which gives some insight into other worlds and the mystic life. I also have sound journeys on my Soundcloud which are like imagination landscapes. One of my favourites is talking through an anti-gravity lift off as we travel to a new planet earth. My voice has special effects as though I am a robotic airline attendant with a slight english accent. 

I also have a podcast called "Breaking Out of the Box". This is where I leave quantum puzzles, enlightenment lessons, and interdimensional shifting tips among more. Depending on where you are at in the time space continuum, the content may change. 

My future passion projects include Society Z, my in-person mystic services and energy trainings (currently only offered in Costa Rica where I am at), and creative retreats and quantum co-living experiences.


And Finally, where can people find you?












It has been an absolute pleasure talking with you Dr. C! You have definitely given us an amazing insight into your world and we will be forever grateful for that. We will definitely keep an eye out for your second album and hopefully you will come back and talk to us soon!


As always, if you would like to feature on our website or appear in any of our upcoming videos, do not hesitate to get in contact at info@funkedinthehead.com 

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