In these difficult times it is important for us to have distractions, and what better distraction is there than listening to a bit of Indie Music. We have been trawling social media for the hidden Talents across the world and are constantly surprised at what we find. One such band is Muddy Elephant who were kind enough to answer a few of our questions!

So firstly, would you like to introduce yourselves for our readers?

We are Muddy Elephant. We're an indie rock band from Chester. We've been going for a couple years now with this lineup and have played over various venues across the North West.

And how did Muddy Elephant begin?

Tom, George, and myself went to the same school and both Tom and I met when we started Go Karting. Andy joined later after seeing an ad we'd put up asking for a drummer. We met up with him on a Liverpool champions league match day in Chester and we knew he'd fit right in when he asked to go find somewhere that was showing the game. 

How would you describe your music?

Our sound is a mix between Indie Rock (mine and Andy's influences) and Indie Pop (Tom and George's). I'd like to think we're like the Foals with that rocky sound as well as the dancey pop side too. Also got quite a heavy 80s influence which comes across in the less rockier tracks.

Have any bands/musicians had a major impact on the kind of music you play?

We are always inspired by new music from some of our favourite bands and artists. From bands like Editors, Two Door Cinema Club and Foals to solo artists like Sam Fender.

Has music always been a passion?

I've always loved music from the moment I first picked up my guitar in year 4 at school and joined the choir, it's my biggest passion in life. My Taid (grandad) was one of my biggest influences and I wish he was with us today to see how much we've done.

So, What do you guys do when you're not playing or writing music?

I (Sam) am a car salesman , Andy works at B&Q, George is a uni student and Tom is currently unemployed but we keep him busy with demos.

The Covid-19 pandemic has obviously had a major impact on the entertainment industry... Can you tell us how it has affected you?

It's been hard not seeing the lads, jamming and most importantly gigging. But we've kept busy creating lockdown sessions/covers which we've uploaded on our YouTube and socials. Different not being together but good fun.

You have a new single out... would you like to tell us about?

Yes Tusk is out 30th October, a halloween special! The song aims to raise awareness about the ivory trade and we feel really passionate about this topic. We want to reach a wider audience because we think elephant welfare is so important.

That is an amazing message to raise awareness for... Do you have any other projects lined up that we can look out for?

Definitely. We're booked to go into the studio soon to record some new tracks we've been writing over lockdown!

And finally, where can people find you?

We're on everything possible aha so:

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. It has been a pleasure talking with you guys, and we can't wait to hear your next project!

As always, if you would like to feature on our website or star in one of our video podcasts, please feel free to contact us via or through social media! 

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